Senate Endorsements

The League of Education Voters (LEV) is pleased to announce its endorsements for the 2016 general election.

“Our vision is to improve public education for all students in Washington state, from cradle to career, with ample, equitable, and stable funding,” said LEV CEO Chris Korsmo. “To achieve that vision, our goal is to elect candidates who will be partners in that effort.”

LEV’s endorsement process is conducted by a committee of board and community members who interviewed candidates beginning in May. The LEV Board voted to approve the committee’s recommendations for endorsement.

2016 LEV Endorsements

The endorsements below are accurate as of 8/30/2016.

Candidates for the Senate

District Name Party
1 Guy Palumbo D
3 Andy Billig D
5 Mark Mullet D
9 Mark Schoesler R
10 Barbara Bailey R
16 Maureen Walsh R
18 Ann Rivers R
20 John Braun R
23 Christine Rolfes D
25 Hans Zeiger R
36 Reuven Carlyle D
41 Steve Litzow R

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For more information or to be considered for endorsement, please contact Nancy Hopkins at